Kamala’s Folly

I was surprised to hear very little follow up on one of the crowd favorite comments from the first round of the 2020 debates.

Senator Kamala Harris, perhaps the most imposing challenger to The Donald, got well-deserved applause when she shut down an irritating round of unintelligible babble among unknown pols that the MSNBC moderators allowed to go on and on.

“Hey guys, you know what? America does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we’re going to put food on their tables,” Senator Harris quipped.

Therein lies the reason Anyone But Trump will again be a losing strategy in 2020.

Note to Senator Harris and the DNC’S dirty dozens of left-handed comic relief pitchers:

“Dear Senator:

“The last thing we want to hear from you is how you plan to put food on our tables. We just want to hear how you plan to get your butts out of our kitchens and out of our way so WE can put food on our own tables.

“Thanks ever so much for your concern, but we just can’t afford any more free stuff at this time.”

Donald Trump is a thin-skinned, boorish hedonist who has found the one world in which he stands taller than the competition: American presidential politics.

Kind of sad to those of us who voted for Trump only because the Dems ran a horrible candidate in 2016. And expect more to come.

Will the loyal opposition rebound in 2020? Doubtful at best.

Author: Bill Amick

Claims to fame: Survived 68 years with open eyes and ears. Opinionated wordsmith. Unapologetic Christian conservative. Quote: You break it, you own it.

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