Try a little kindness

The meme below may seem clever and insightful, but on closer examination it’s just another divisive right wing propaganda piece.

Gun opponents want to remove handguns and long guns from our streets, our slums and suburbs, our high schools and hospitals, our temples and tent meetings, our churches and convenience stores, our playgrounds and political rallies.

What could possibly go wrong?

“When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns,” proclaim the lying NRA fanatics to whom body counting is sport. May they rot in hell for their crass cynicism!

Who benefits if guns suddenly disappear? Everyone except the downtrodden and forgotten members of the Felonious American Community. These aren’t bad people. These aren’t people who reject our legal system. These are just average Joes trying to make a living and redistribute some wealth

What the self-defense forces don’t understand is that when the call goes out to melt down all of our firearms, Felonious Americans will be first in line to take one for the team.

There is a moral imperative among killers, thieves, cartels and gangs. Sure, they make billions holding guns to heads. Sure, they thin their own ranks using handguns. Sure, they shoot the occasional police officer. Sure, they snuff out a kid here and there. But when called upon to do their civic duty, who are we to doubt that they will lay down their arms?

Don’t you see, NRA? Our Felonious American Community needs just a token gesture of good will to do the right thing. Cold blooded, stone cold killers are people too. We need to trust them.

The formula is simple. If we ban and confiscate guns, thousands of misunderstood felons will seize the opportunity to go straight.

Germany banned guns in the 1930s. Much more recently, Venezuela banned guns. The wonderful results speak for themselves. Why not America?

Cmon, deer hunters. Let’s act, target shooters. Are you a paranoid family head who feels a need to defend your home and family? Lighten up!

With the stroke of a pen President Trump can end the madness of gun violence. All we need to do is put our trust in our neighborhood crackheads, heroin junkies, gangs, cartels and professional criminals. How will we know the Felonious American Community can’t be trusted unless we trust them?

I volunteer to be first. Well, actually, I don’t own guns. But if I did I’d join my felonious fellow Americans and turn them in. Scout ‘s honor. Pinkie promise.

All we hear about these days is inclusiveness. Abysmal treatment of minorities has been reduced, but the job goes on. So let’s celebrate our felons!

In a matter of weeks, we could be on the road to recovery from gun violence. To hell with that pesky bill of rights!

Author: Bill Amick

Claims to fame: Survived 68 years with open eyes and ears. Opinionated wordsmith. Unapologetic Christian conservative. Quote: You break it, you own it.

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