HisStory, HerStory & Stuff Weekend Edition


743, March 1 — Transport of slaves by Christians to “heathen lands” is forbidden. It only took 11 centuries to bring the decree in force.

1565, March 1 — Anyone seen the Girl from Ipanema? Portuguese soldier
Estácio de Sá established Rio de Janeiro in one of the world’s most spectacular settings.

1781, March 1 — Continental Congress adopts Articles of Confederation as Maryland becomes 13th signatory.

1791, March 2 — John Wesley, founder of Methodism, dies at 87.

1792, March 1 — Presidential Succession Act is enacted. Nancy Pelosi protests.  

1793, March 2 — Sam Houston, future hero of San Jacinto and President of Texas, is born. Some say he avenged The Alamo, others say he abandoned it.

Sam Houston

1810, March 1 — Composer and piano virtuoso Frederic Chopin arrives on earth with spectacular artistic genes, but sadly lives only 39 years. If you visit his Paris gravesite, some say you can faintly hear him decomposing.

1847, March 3 — In the absence of tiny circuit boards from Silicon Valley, Alexander Graham Bell, born this date, had to settle for inventing the dumb phone.

All things considered, they’d rather have been in Philadelphia. SS City of Glasgow and 500 souls perished somewhere in the Atlantic between Liverpool and Philly.

1854, March 1 — SS City of Glasgow departs Liverpool en route to eternity. This ship and all aboard were never heard from or seen again.

1896, March 1 — Henri Becquerel dies. Once received glowing reviews for discovery of radioactivity.

1904, March 1 — Ill-fated Glenn Miller is born. Big Band legend will perish in mysterious World War II air incident.

Glenn Miller and his mellow trombone front the Glenn Miller Orchestra. His music lives on.

1904, March 3 — Theodor Geisel born in Massachusetts. You know him as Dr. Green Eggs and Ham Seuss.

1917, March 1 — See the USA in a Chevrolet: Dinah Shore is born.

1920, March 3 — If only Trekkies could beam him back to the Starship Enterprise, Chief Engineer Scott, aka James Doohan, would be 99.

Captain, she can’t take anymore!

1926, March 1 — Future NFL exec Pete Rozelle is born.

1930, March 3 — Lady Chatterley goes solo. D.H. Lawrence succumbs to tuberculosis at age 44.

1935, March 3 — That’s All, Folks! Looney Tunes introduces Porky Pig
84 years ago this week.

1952, March 3 — DEE-FENCE!!! Philadelphia center Wilt Chamberlain is limited to 100 points during 169-147 Warrior win over NY Knicks.

Above: King Tut’s Tomb, discovered by Howard Carter.
Below: King Tut descendant, discovered by NBC.

1939, March 2 — Howard Carter is credited as the archeologist who not only walked like an Egyptian, but discovered King Tut’s tomb. He died this date at age 65.

1944, March 1 — Talkin’ Bout The Who Generation, rocker Roger Daltrey was born during World War II with a golden microphone in his paws.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

1944, March 2 — Casablanca wins Best Picture Oscar, beginning a wonderful friendship between movie buffs and an ageless flick.

1946, March 2 — Ho Chi Minh becomes North Vietnamese President. Will be a thorn in the side of France, the United Nations and five US Presidents, among others.

1953, March 1 — Four-day death watch begins as Russian dictator Joseph Stalin suffers stroke. He gave Adolf Hitler a run for his money in race to be the 20th century’s sorriest excuse of a human being.

1953, March 3 — Former Heavyweight Champion James Jeffries dies at 77. He’s highly regarded but didn’t know when to quit.

Two legends of the ring: Jack Johnson (left) spoiled James Jeffries’
return to the ring after six years in retirement with a 1910 TKO.

1959, March 3 — Gone much too young. Funny man Lou Costello has heart attack and dies at 52.

1962, March 2 — Let’s Go, DEE-FENCE! Wilt Chamberlain of Philly Warriors held to just 100 points in 169-147 NBA win over New York Knicks.

1982, March 3 — Had to include birthday girl Jessica Biel in order to justify using her picture.

Jessica Biel and hubby Justin Timberlake.
Kesha: Parental advisory on crude lyrics.

1987, March 1 — Pop singer Kesha is born so poor her family can’t afford a middle name.

1999, March 2 — Why was British pop star Dusty (You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me) Springfield known as Dusty? Maybe because she was christened Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien, and her name wouldn’t fit on 45 or 33 platters. She died at 60 in 1999 from cancer.

2018, March 3 – Sir Roger Bannister ran the world’s first sub-four-minute mile. Parkinson’s claimed him last year at age 88.

Roger Bannister eclipses four-minute barrier in 1954 mile run.

Author: Bill Amick

Claims to fame: Survived 68 years with open eyes and ears. Opinionated wordsmith. Unapologetic Christian conservative. Quote: You break it, you own it.

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