Transsexual athletes follow up

On Feb. 28, a story was posted here under the heading “LGBTQ Runs Amok in Connecticut. The premise of the story was that men are bigger, faster and stronger than women, and that it’s unfair to expect females to compete against transsexual athletes who were male at birth and have transitioned to female.

In the meantime, I was asked by readers to cite the “mountain of evidence” that helped me reach that conclusion. I will repeat that your eyes are all you really need to see there are reasons women compete against other women and men against men in almost all sports.

Without digging into the science of the matter, citing exceptions to the rule, or delving into questions of sexism, I would suggest that the numbers don’t lie. I’ll spare you a mountain of evidence, but will simply cite enough statistics from professional basketball, Olympic sports and high school sports to substantiate my conclusions.

Note: In some cases these may not be the most current statistics, but they are representative of the matter at hand.

Professional Basketball

Height: The average NBA player is just under 6-foot-8 in height; the average WNBA player is 6-0.

Vertical leap: Vertical leap of the average players are 28″ for men and 19″ for women.

Dunking: Ho-hum in NBA, extremely rare in WNBA.

Olympic Track Event Records

100 meter dash: Men, 9.63 seconds; Women, 10.62 seconds

400 meters: Men, 43.03; Women, 48.25.

10,000 meters: Men 27:01, Women 29:17

Marathon: Men 2:06.32, Women 2:23.07

Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson have placed Jamaica on top of the sprinting world as Olympic Champions. Usain is faster, but that doesn’t make him better.

Olympic Field Event Records

High jump: Men 2.39 meters, Women 2.06

Long jump: Men 8.9, Women 7.4

Shot put: Men (16 pounds) 22.52, Women (9 pounds) 22.41

Discus: Men (4.4 pounds) 59.89, Women (2.2 pounds) 72.30

Javelin throw: Men (28 ounce) 90.57, Women ( 21 ounce) 71.53

Pole vault: Men 6.03, Women 5:05

High School Track Event National Records

100 Meters: Boys 10.15 seconds, Girls 11.14

400 meters: Boys 46.69, Girls 50.69

1500 Meters: Boys 3:51, Girls 4:04

Marathon: Boys 2:23.47, Girls 2:34.24

High School Field Event National Records

High jump: Boys 2.31 meters, Girls 1.94

Long jump: Boys 8.04 Girls 6.75

Shot put: Boys (12 pounds) 24.77, Girls (9 pounds) 17.27

Discus: Boys (3.5 pounds) 72.07, Girls (2.2 pounds) 60.59

Javelin throw: Boys (28 ounce) 77.83, Girls ( 21 ounce) 55.67

Pole vault: Men 5.93, Women 4.46


A person reviewing these statistics could easily conclude that men are superior to women in athletics. One problem: That person would be a pinhead. At a given time, the arbitrary title of World’s Greatest Athlete is just as likely to be bestowed on a woman as a man. Sports are all about performing to the best of your ability against rival athletes, the clock, or gravity.

There is joy in watching elite athletes, just as there is joy in gazing at a Renoir or O’Keefe, listening to Ludwig, or marveling at a Kathryn Hepburn soliloquy. Witnessing an athlete doing something never before achieved is magic.

Like plantiffs and defendants, athletes are entitled to a level playing field. Nothing more, nothing less. When girls and women are forced to compete against women who have transitioned from male, the field is not level. Not even close.

Author: Bill Amick

Claims to fame: Survived 68 years with open eyes and ears. Opinionated wordsmith. Unapologetic Christian conservative. Quote: You break it, you own it.

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