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I just left Cinemark, where despite the best efforts of Pro-Choice/Pro-Abortion powers that be, a crowded theater of folks saw the new film Unplanned. It’s the true story of Abby Johnson, who once directed an abortion clinic for Planned Parenthood.

I plan to write more about the film in the hours and days ahead, but right now I need to run by Hobby Lobby and buy something I don’t need from the kind of people we do need.

Then, it’s a quick run through Chic Fil’a. I’m not really hungry, but it annoys people I feel like annoying when folks eat there.

Finally, I need to order a couple of My Pillows. We have piles of pillows, but when Mike Lindell makes a cameo appearance in a film — knowing full well it will cost him business — he’s going to get mine.

When I get home, I plan to read reviews of Unplanned, and see how much damage is done to the truth. I apologize in advance to the mainstream media if it surprises me and publishes fair and honest reviews.

Unplanned is a film that anyone who feels strongly in favor of or against abortion should see. It is unfairly Rated R, no doubt in hopes that sexually active teens and evangelical Christians will not see it. Don’t let that keep you away.

Warm n’ fuzzy

Kindness improves the human condition and unconditional kindness adds an exclamation mark.

Two legs, four legs, no legs at all, extending a kindness benefits givers and receivers alike.

Take this lil’ guy, for instance. Just one of God’s creatures. One of the lucky ones.

It happened on March 29

National Vietnam Veterans Day

1683 — Eye for an eye, ash for an ash? In Japan, 16-year-old Yaoya Oshichi, accused of arson, was burned at the stake. Takes “Don’t play with matches” to a whole new level.

1788 — Charles Wesley, a prolific hymn composer and brother of Methodism founder John Wesley, died in England at age 80.

Charles Wesley penned more than 6,500 Christian hymns.

1795 — The 24-year-old Ludwig Van Beethoven made his first featured appearance as a pianist in Vienna. 32 years later, to the day, he would be laid to rest in Vienna. In between, some would say he did OK for himself.

1848 — No pal of PETA. John Jacob Astor, the first American one percenter, died at 84 in New York City. His massive fortune was built in part from fur trading. His grandson, J.J. Astor IV, would be the richest victim of the 1912 sinking of RMS Titanic.

John Jacob Astor
John Jacob Astor IV

1848 — An early indicator of future global warming shocked residents of the USA and Canada on this date. The flow of Niagara Falls was stopped entirely for more than a day due to ice jams upstream along the Niagara River. When word reached Washington that Canadians were walking across the falls to New York, President James K. Polk convened an emergency session of Congress and announced plans for a big, beautiful wall on our northern border … to be paid for by the Canadians.

Illegal aliens from Canada prepare to invade the United States in 1848, where they will compete on the US Curling Team, thus taking jobs that Americans don’t want.

1867 — Baseball’s all-time win leader (511), Denton True “Cy” Young, was born on this date. Only the great Walter Johnson, with 417 wins, trails Young by fewer than 100 career wins. After 20 years in “The Show,” Young retired to a long life on the farm in Ohio. He passed away in 1955.

Righty Cy Young at the turn of the
20th century.

1917 — Man o’ War was foaled on this date near Lexington, Kentucky. Arguably the best thoroughbred runner ever, the big colt won all but one of 21 starts in a relatively short career. He was retired to stud when his owner balked at extreme weight handicaps Man o’ War was expected to carry. Man o’ War’s bloodlines are still prominent more than 100 years after his birth. He died at age 30, and as an indicator of the horse’s renown, his burial was telecast nationally.

Man o’ War statue near his burial site in the Kentucky Horse Park.

1918 — Man o’ Retail — empire builder Sam Walton — was born in Oklahoma. His Walmart chain is to retail what Amazon is to online shopping. America has a love-hate relationship with Walton’s sprawling business, but it continues to thrive long after his 1992 death from bone cancer.

Sam Walton

1923 — Grand Prix motorcycle racing star Geoff Duke, who dominated the world championship scene in the early 1950s, was born this date in England.

Three-time Grand Prix Motorcycle Champion Geoff Duke celebrates a 1951 win for Norton.

1942 — Scott “I can’t believe they killed Hershel” Wilson was born in Georgia. His character Hershel Greene in The Walking Dead was one of the most popular in the show’s long run … but in true TWD fashion, the producers killed him off anyway. Wilson passed away in 2018.

Scott Wilson: 1942-2018

1951 — Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of espionage for Stalin’s USSR and faced the death penalty. Four-year-old Donald Trump was widely thought to be involved and was formally accused by 11-year-old Nancy Pelosi. Trump went free after declaring in court, “Your honor, I can’t even spell collusion.” Julius and Ethel weren’t as lucky: They died in Sing Sing prison’s electric chair two years later.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg may have taken their marching orders
from Donald Trump. He was never charged, but also never exonerated.
Just sayin … Adam Schiff might want to take a peek into this.

1955 — Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Earl Campbell was born this date in New Orleans. The running back starred for the Texas Longhorns and Houston Oilers and is a member of the college and professional Halls of Fame. Football-related disabilities have hounded Campbell since his late 40s, and he overcame addiction to opioid painkillers.

Earl Campbell

1962 — Jack Parr signed off after six years as host of the Tonight Show, turning his mike over to young stand-up comedian Johnny Carson. Carson wouldn’t surrender that mike (to Jay Leno) until 1992.

These five television stars hosted The Tonight Show from 1954 to 2014, when current host Jimmy Fallon began his late night tenure on NBC.

1973 —The last American troops left Vietnam, ending U.S. involvement in an unpopular war and allowing Ho Chi Minh’s communist regime to consolidate rule of the entire Vietnamese peninsula. Many years would pass before hundreds of thousands of Americans were given credit for their brave service in Vietnam. March 29 is recognized as National Vietnam War Veterans Day.

1976 — Three-time Triple Crown winner and Olympic gold medalist Jennifer Capriati was born in New York City. She turned pro at age 13, and at 14 became the youngest player ever ranked in the world’s Top 10. Injuries shortened her career, but she stands as one of America’s best ever.

Tennis legend Jennifer Capriati then …
… and now.

1988 — Ted “Big Klu” Kluszewski, popular Cincinnati Reds first baseman, died at 63. He was a four-time All Star with a career that spanned the years 1947 -1961 and took him to four teams.

“Big Klu” slammed 49 homers to pace the National League in 1954 and propel him to MVP honors.

2014 — Same-sex marriage is permitted for the first time in England.

2016 — Patty Duke had an Academy Award on her mantel before earning her first drivers license, and a distinguished career followed her remarkable performance as a young Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker. She played Keller first on the stage and then in the 1962 film. Like Keller, Ms. Duke overcame challenging disabilities. She suffered from bipolar disorder and dedicated much of her time as an advocate for the mentally ill.

Patty Duke with Helen Keller, the woman who inspired
The Miracle Worker.

2017 — Great Britain formally signaled the European Union that it will proceed with “Brexit” and withdraw from the EU. Two years later, Brussels and London seem to have discovered that the devil is in the details. In for a penny, in for a Euro, in for a pound …

Lost children

Earth to DNC …

Nothing to see here, folks, let’s move along to 2020. Just be glad the microscope has been on him when it woulda-coulda-shoulda been on her. Until we hear you demanding to see Hillary’s emails, knock off the phony selective transparency routine. If the dossier fits, wear it.

Earth to RNC …

Half of America thinks your guy is the AntiChrist. Half of the other half is in danger of oxygen deprivation from holding its collective nose. Hey, all you big, tough Never Trumpers: Wake up. It’s never.

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