Wag the dog?

“For I am the Lord. I change not.” — Malachi 3:6

Many Christians believe that we can shape scripture to conform with our contemporary society.

That’s the easy way.

Other Christians believe that we must shape contemporary society to conform with scripture.

That’s the hard way.

What we need to ask ourselves is whether, with our eternal souls in the balance, we should take the easy way out.

Please pray for all delegates to the Special General Conference of the United Methodist Church, coming up February 23-26 in St. Louis. I for one pray that they will not seek the easiest path, but the right one.

God DOES NOT change. Life is not a popularity contest. And maybe, just maybe, we are not meant to order ala carte from the 10 Commandments.


Author: Bill Amick

Claims to fame: Survived 68 years with open eyes and ears. Opinionated wordsmith. Unapologetic Christian conservative. Quote: You break it, you own it.

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